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The Hemperor

We’d been working with New Belgium Brewing for about 6 months when they told us about a new beer they were working on; one that would bring together hops and hemp to create a truly new, great, and dank experience - the world’s only HPA. They asked us to name and brand this ground-breaking liquid. Of the hundreds of options we presented, the clear winner was "The Hemperor." We also created the Hemperor character -- a strong, playful and benevolent ruler of all things hemp – illustrated him, and brought him to life in the launch campaign for the product. Because the budget was very small for this niche product, we chose to use a simple animation style that allowed us to produce five pieces of content with a fraction of the budget a live action shoot would have used. The Hemperor HPA is currently going into national distribution and performing spectacularly. The campaign runs mostly on digital outlets such as YouTube, due to outdated restrictions on advertising hemp based products. 

Long Sniff
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