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Here's what a few people we've worked with have to say.

“I worked with Steve Erich during our Burger King days from 2004 to 2009. He’s got great QSR experience and I knew I could trust him to help us out while we were looking for an agency close to our Atlanta HQ. Since Erich & Kallman is based in San Francisco, they declined to participate in the pitch, but instead worked with us developing a new creative strategy, concepting campaigns and producing all out TV and Radio for most of 2017. The work they did drove our business and allowed us to take our time in finding a new agency. They were a tremendous help"


Hector A. Munoz,

EVP & Global Chief Marketing Officer, Church’s Chicken / Texas Chicken


"Obviously Steve & Eric are massive talents, two of the best in the industry, but the entrepreneurial energy of their own agency is turbo-charging that talent with a wide-eyed ambition and ferocious pragmatism.  It’s personal for them now — and that’s only good news for the rest of us.  Their creative muscle and agile model are sure to deliver treasures for us.”


Michael Fanuele,

Chief Creative Officer, General Mills


"The team at Erich & Kallman was creative, organized, and flexible. They took the time to fully understand our brand and goals, and executed that in the creative quickly and effectively. Even with unexpected, last-minute changes, they were incredibly collaborative to help us create a final product that we were very happy with.”


Jake Kloberdanz,

CEO / Founder ONEHOPE Wines


“Working with E&K was a big deal for Chick-fil-A – we haven’t developed a new creative concept beyond the cows with a new agency in two decades. We decided to hire E&K first and foremost because their ideas were amazingly good, and not just good – but the best pitch we heard from a number of competing (and larger) agencies. Eric made us a promise that he would be working on the project himself, and would not delegate the work off to another junior creative. He lived up to that promise and more – he was personally involved in every detail. Eric is an amazing human, and the folks he has surrounded himself with are the same. We loved working with Eric and his crew, and are incredibly happy with the creative and business results that came out of the work.


Dustin Britt,

Manager of Brand Advertising and Integrated Media, Chick-fil-A Corporate


“It was wonderful to work with Erich & Kallman. They took our idea to the next level. Everything from project management to identifying a top director was handled for us. We'd absolutely love to work with them again.”


Stephanie Bowker,

Product Manager, Gusto


"Eric is a genuine creative asset to any brand with an ability to develop a strategy and bring it to life in a fresh and compelling way. He is sharp, funny and a pleasure to work with. He appreciates push back and the give and take that drives great work. If you look at his reel you probably won't look in too many other places."


Ira Brill,

Director of Marking Services, Foster Farms


"Steve was terrific to work with; one of the strongest agency leaders I've ever met. He had an intuitive sense about the business, he was sincere in his desire to understand and grow the brands he worked on, and everyone he worked with respected and trusted him. At the agency, his leadership inspired top creative teams to get to a place they might not have otherwise gotten to. One of the thing most notable about Steve was his honesty; he told me once that he believed in sharing bad news early before it got big. There wasn't a lot of bad news, but when there was, he made sure we knew about it, and he always had a plan for getting out in front of it. It gave all of us great confidence that there weren't any hidden agendas or ugly surprises in our near future; rare among other agency leaders I've worked with. I think any team Steve works with next would be lucky to him."


Debra Giampoli,

formerly Global Director, Strategic Agency Relations, Mondelez International.

Founder, Stone Soup Consultants


“As a strategist, working with Eric is dangerously addicting. His ideas are not only brilliant and on strategy, they show how good your strategy can be.”


Andy Grayson,

Head of Brand Strategy, Goodby Silverstein & Partners


"Eric works to understand your business, developing effective strategies that deliver breakthrough ideas that work to not only to generate excitement, but grow your business. His passion, keen insight and knowledge of overall production provide him with a unique set of tools which enable him to deliver hard-hitting advertising campaigns.”


Walt Fredericksen,

Senior Director of Advertising, Little Caesars


"Steve was instrumental in winning Charles Schwab & Co’s $100MM advertising business.  Not only did he put together an outstanding creative, strategy and account team, but it was Steve’s intuitive understanding of the Schwab business and our brand that made the difference.  Over the last four years of our highly successful partnership I’ve always known that I can count on Steve to jump in where and when needed, or simply to provide the right guidance to his team.  He’s a trusted partner, a subject matter expert and a highly capable leader.”


Peter Boland formerly SVP Marketing,

Charles Schwab & Co. Chief Marketing Officer, Kelly Services

"In the years I worked with Steve, I admired how he won the trust of his clients in the simplest, yet often most difficult way: by always staying focused on their business goals and objectives and never letting anything get in the way of achieving those objectives, not even the clients themselves. In fact, he has never hesitated to push for what's right, no matter what the opposition. But at the same time, his quiet, respectful, self-effacing style brings people together, unifies factions and gets things moving. He is effortless in his leadership style and encourages and enables others to achieve their fullest. His broad experience across categories, continents and business stages, coupled with his proven track record building CP+B, will be invaluable for any business that chooses to work with him.”


Benny Thomas VP,

formerly Executive Strategy Director, Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

Chief Strategy Officer, Barrie D'Rozario DiLorenzo


"Steve led a team that pushed us at Kraft Foods beyond what we thought was possible.

They took us to a level of creativity and engagement with popular culture that no one in the industry thought was attainable for a company like Kraft. But what was most surprising was how much Steve and his team cared about our success and the effort they put into learning our business and driving results. Because of the trust we had in them, we took chances far greater than we did with other agencies on other brands, and our success over the years proved that our trust was well placed.”


Chris Kempczinski,

formerly EVP, Strategy, Business Development & Innovation, McDonald's Corporation.

President, McDonald’s USA


“To say Eric is exceedingly talented is an understatement. It’s impossible to look at the work he’s done over the years and think anything beyond: this guy is incredibly good at making advertising. He’s a lot of fun to boot. I’ll look forward to seeing what’s next and have no doubt we’ll probably all be jealous of it.”


Brian McPherson,

Director of Account Management, Goodby Silverstein & Partners

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