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Noble Vines

Noble Vines was in a difficult situation. How could they dramatically raise awareness of their family of wines while not acting as if they’re trying to raise awareness? Our urban, young adult target is turned off by “mass wines,” preferring instead to unearth and discover new lesser-known wines. But the reality is they don’t really have the time or interest to learn deeply about wine. They often choose by label design, ratings at shelf or recommendations from friends. Noble Vines wine labels carry a prominent number, identifying the distinguished vine stock that the grapes come from, some originating from exceptional vineyards in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Alsace. We knew we needed to give more meaning to the numbers and to get our audience to see that Noble Vines is the ultra-premium wine that identifies itself with the most prestigious vine stocks for superior, highly rated wines. We created a simple campaign using Noble Vines' striking red numbers and little else to pique interest and allow wine drinkers to discover Noble Vines – and the meaning behind the numbers – all on their own. To help build our artisan, crafted image, we used local artists from California to create the numbers in their unique style of art to draw our audience in to seek out more information on

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