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Goal Zero

Erich & Kallman is headquartered in California and we’re super familiar with the power blackouts that have occurred every summer the past few years. This year millions of California homeowners will be faced with blackouts due to power supply shortages caused by extreme weather conditions and the threat of wildfire dangers. In our first work with Goal Zero, the leader in clean portable energy, we remind consumers that when equipped with the right tools, they can keep their home powered and running when it matters most. 
The multi-channel, state-wide campaign, ‘Power Villains,’ aims to drive awareness of Goal Zero’s range of home backup solar generators, and coincides with official warnings of summer blackouts due to climate extremes in California. The integrated campaign is rolling out across local broadcast and cable TV networks in California, digital TV streaming platforms, radio, social media, podcasts, programmatic digital display, and movie cinema advertising. 

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