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Fruit Smash

New Belgium Brewing has developed their first hard seltzer, called Fruit Smash, that uses real fruit juice and tastes amazing. But the hard seltzer category is hugely competitive, with over 65 new entrants in the past year alone. To launch the new product we developed a campaign that stars surfer bro comedians, laid back activists and YouTube sensations Chad and JT. The two travel the country in an attempt to end hard seltzer shame, or, as JT describes it in one of the videos, “the shame that you feel when you drink hard seltzer in front of your homies.”

Having fun with the double meaning of the term “smash”, Chad and JT travel to “the best places to smash” across the country, including Climax, Georgia; Blue Ball, Pennsylvania; Intercourse, Pennsylvania; and Ding Dong, Texas talking to real people about their experience with hard seltzer shaming and then offering them Fruit Smash hard seltzer, in hopes that they’ll be “down to smash” with them.

01. CL_MAYOR_EK_HERO full original cut
03. BB_GO_HARD_EK_A_0428_Youtube_Non_Captioned
04. in_fragile_ek_a_wip_2021_04_16_v01_Youtube_Non_Captioned
05. DD_SMASH_POTATO_P_0423_Youtube_Non_Caption
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