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Fat Tire:

Belgian White

New Belgium Brewery launched Fat Tire Belgian White last year, their first new Fat Tire beer in over 25 years. It was specifically created to have a superior flavor profile to that of popular Belgian White competitors, which are too sweet and artificial-tasting. Fat Tire Belgian White was created by Belgian style beer experts, crafted with the perfect sweetness, and the fresh and natural taste of real oranges. It's also lighter and easier to drink, which is important for our target drinker. They often find the craft beer category intimidating and confusing at times and tend to panic-pick more mainstream domestics, imports, or entry-level crafts that ultimately leave them unsatisfied. We created a campaign designed to educate them on the attributes of Fat Tire Belgian White, using an authentic Belgian to curmudgeonly explain how Fat Tire Belgian White is a better, more satisfying choice. We created 11 distinct spots, shot in one day, to provide a year's worth of content for the brand with a modest budget. 

Three Truths
Real Deal
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